I love a hot summer in Texas…said no one ever! But actually, if you’re a student of the hot yoga practice, then you already know that the room is even hotter, 105 degrees that is! But what’s there to love about a hot room in the middle of the southern heat season? I guess for me, I’ve noticed that I get less hot outside because I’ve gotten used to managing my heat tolerance.

But as far as the sweat goes, I want my yoga wear to keep my body climate as cool as possible. I’d have to say my favorite leggings to wear are the New Balance Women's Accelerate Tights in Dragon Fly. It’s got a double knit stretch and quick-dry performance fabric to make it more comfortable for sweating or increased temperatures. I also wore the FOREVER21 Women's Low Impact - Crisscross-Back Sports Bra. It’s perfect for warm weather and lots of yoga! Try a similar one here.