I only had two days in New Orleans to explore the finest Cajun cooking and fit a good yoga class into my schedule to burn it all off. I signed up for the R2 Class at Reyn Studio off Magazine Street. It’s an open space style studio with brick pillars and large mirrors. Big windows line the horizontal wall of the studio, perfect for bright light and a heat that warms your body instantly. That morning, I sat in the front because I wanted to get the best instruction since I had never been to this location before. This is what an R2 class is all about:

“R2 is the same well rounded vinyasa flow style class but moves at a quicker pace with more advanced postures offered throughout. During this class poses are offered with less explanation and moved into and out of fluidly. Expect more opportunities to move through chatarunga. This class is perfect for yogi’s familiar and knowledgable of asana names and alignment who are ready to take their practice up a notch.”

It’s another Vinyasa for the books! I highly recommend this studio because this class' instructor, Karina Marie, was absolutely amazing. Visit! She walked us through the postures, moving with a good steady momentum, speaking slowly enough for us to grasp the concept of each pose. I got a sweat going only 10 minutes into the class from the direct sunlight and my attempt to keep up! Some of my favorite poses include:

  • Ardha Chandrachapasan (Bound Half-Moon Pose)

  • Anjaneyasana (High Lunge Prayer Twist)

  • Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana (Three-legged Downward Dog)

  • Kapotasana (Pigeon Pose)

  • Bakasana (Legs in Squat)

I really enjoyed itwhen we were finally in Savasana (aka Corpse Pose) and I felt a cold, eucalyptus-scented washcloth placed over my eyes! Now I’m going to start doing that at home as a refresher! Nice touch to a hot work out. Check out Reyn Studios and sign up if you’re ever in the Big Easy. Mats are complimentary for first-timers!

Check out some photos of the studio + New Orleans traditional cuisine! I burn it all so I can it all!