Standing Bow Pose is one of my favorite poses because it works the heart! And I am all about the heart. The heart keeps the blood flowing, bringing oxygen throughout the body, stimulating the cardiovascular system. So making it stronger gives me a good feeling for sure! I like to challenge myself when I hold this pose a little longer each time. To do Standing Bow Pose, you'll definitely increase your flexibility and balance. Here's how:

1. Standing on your right foot with a locked knee, your left hand will grab the left foot, right hand should be raised in the air. Knees should be side by side. 

2. Keeping the right knee locked, you will charge your body forward so that the upper chest is at a 90 degree angle, parallel to the floor. 

3. As you stretch forward, your left leg should move higher into the air so that you can see your left foot come over your head in the mirror. Keep breathing!



  • Strengthens the diaphragm and spine.

  • Works the abdomen, arms, and legs.

  • Opens the shoulder muscles.

  • Helps increase lung capacity!

YOGAJasmine HuntComment