Over the last 6 months, I've spent a lot of time working on my own growth, creating a space for myself to explore, and just an overall happier approach to life. I've had the opportunity to see 8 cities this year and practice yoga in these places. I really feel so fortunate to be able to experience this life and find my own path. As New Year's approaches, I think about all of the new goals I want to set for myself. I believe that yoga has given me a lot of passion to pursue what I love and the confidence to take the steps necessary to change my situation.

I guess the fresh air and nice breeze in Miami gave me some good time to reflect. While I was there, I saw so many beautiful things. From the architecture, to the greenery, to watching the sunrise over the beach in the morning. I felt really grateful for it all and for some reason, I am inspired to share the ways that help me attract what I want in life.

2016 has been a really hard year around the world. A lot of work must be done to to re-gain self-healing and love. So we must start with ourselves first. From there, it will flow into the communities and attitudes of those around you. The hardest thing for me was finding a way to share my ideas in a positive way. There was so much I wanted to accomplish. But I first had to ATTRACT the essentials. Here are my thoughts and tips on the Law of Attraction:

  • Your subconscious mind soaks up more than you think. Pay attention to what you watch and listen to. Movies, TV, commercials, music, social media, etc. sometimes have negative messages and can make you feel false emotions if you're not aware. I make an effort to listen to and watch things that have substance every so often so that I know about actual events occurring in the world. I try to separate the two, it's easy to get lost in the drama. But being aware of what you feed your mind can have significant effects.

  • Positive self-reassurance is key. When I realized that no one was going to be there to lift me up everyday, it helped me realized that I have to build up and believe in myself. It's a rewarding feeling to generate your own sense of confidence, without having to please anyone else but yourself. Having a good support system is also vital.

  • Journal. I like to write down my thoughts when I'm going through a hard time so I can process what happened and let it go. This helps me to not dwell on the bad things as much. I used to be a dweller, and still am from time to time. But I know emotions pass through us like a ship in the night.

  • Visualize and daydream. Imagine what you want and pretend that you've already got it. I was introduced to the idea of a vision board by my friend Ronda two years ago. I've been doing them ever since because looking at my goals everyday helps me accomplish it in little ways.

  • Be open to what may come, don't hold onto one idea, be clay-like. Dreams are molded because things are constantly changing. I remember when I was choosing a name for my site, my mom and I ruminated over and over on what name to give it. During that process I had to let go of some ideas to make space for new ones. It's a free-flowing mindset. I don't have to build everything around one specific thing. I sort of try to approach ideas by "writing the paper first, then giving it a title afterwards." Let your heart speak first.

  • Remember to count your blessings, be grateful. It helps me to realize how lucky I am to have freedoms, opportunities, and health. Saying it out loud helps me attract it.

  • Re-evaluate your friendships and the people in your life. We all at some point become surrounded by things that do us no good, be it superficiality, negative people, gossip, or whatever. This year I really was longing for a creative friendship, and I can now say that we exchange ideas all the time and talk about new projects. I believe that it is good to have friends that help you in different ways. In my life I have a special spiritual friendship, one who relates musically, and another that is unconditionally loving and incredibly knowledgeable. Various kinds of relationships are key to living a multi-faceted life, full of diversity and new perspectives. This is something I need in my life and continue to seek. I know what fulfills me so I must go after it.

  • Yoga helps. For you, it could be something else. I'm not here to push my practice onto anyone. I've just come to see how the components of yoga such as meditation, holistic healing, and deep breathing are good for my overall well-being. I love to feel refreshed and find mental clarity. Yoga helps me weed out the inessential and attract what is good for me.

I hope that this post is helpful to you as you go into the New Year! Sending all my love and good vibes to you. Enjoy the photos from my latest trip.



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