The Spartan Race was one of the best challenges of my life. It taught me so much about myself. I really proved a lot to my own doubts and insecurities, that I had nothing to fear. I was so nervous about it because I knew it would be a lot strenuous effort to get through it. I really tried to study and prepare for it by reading what past participants went through. I didn't want to injure myself or get exhausted out there. Here are my thoughts for anyone wanting to conquer the race. 


Tips to Being a Badass Spartan

  1. Eat plenty of carbs on the day of the race (juice, banana, eggs, potatoes, protein).

  2. Drink lots of water the days leading up and go to bed early. You're gonna need it!

  3. Bring Gu Energy Gel for the race, it really helps when you start hitting the wall.

  4. Pace yourself, don't think about how far it is. Focus on the obstacle in front of you. 

  5. Wear shoes that are already broken in. No cotton clothing. Wear spandex.

  6. Bring a long sleeve and leggings, the obstacles can really hurt your stomach and shins. 

  7. Goggles may not be necessary, just close your mouth when you're in the mud.

  8. You won't need a headlight if you start the race early in the daytime so you don't get disqualified for not having that equipment.

  9. Stretch and warm your muscles, I hit a jacuzzi in a workout facility before the race.

  10. Get hyped, turn on whatever music you need to get you pumped beforehand. You won't be able to bring your phone out there.


Tips for Hitting the Obstacles

  1. The walls do require upper body strength, get a running start.

  2. The javelin obstacle requires full motion and follow through, don't be shy, act like you're trying hit it into the haystack the first time. Otherwise, that's 30 burpees 

  3. When you hit the mud obstacles, go through it the waist deep unless you can find drier areas to cross over. Otherwise, it's slippery as hell and you might fall. Your socks will get wet and you may get blisters. I just discovered waterproof socks a week after the race. Try the Crosspoint Waterproof HI-VZ Crew Sock

  4. For the rock bucket challenge, push the bucket into the pile of rocks and shove them in at once. Don't try grabbing handfuls over rocks. It will take a year before you fill it to the line. Work smarter, not harder.

  5. Weights require more leg strength, don't you dare use your back. Lift with the legs.

  6. Practice monkey bars and rope climbing. I struggled hardcore on those two. The burpees suck, so try to complete the challenge the first time around.

  7. The beanbag pull is hard for a lightweight person, you really need upper body strength. I actually had help with that one, fellow Spartans may lend a hand if you're really struggling.

  8. The net climb is super easy, just go up with momentum and for the love of God, don't look down.

  9. The fire is the last challenge. Don't worry, it's just fire! Little heat never hurt no one. Run through it like a boss and don't look back my friends.

  10. 8.5 miles sounds like a lot, but I'd say to eat your gu energy at least twice at rest stations to keep the burst going. Mental strength is key. I had a mantra going the whole race. My dad was my motivation.

The best thing about this race was learning that I can do anything I set my mind to. I feel like I learned a few survival tips along the way as well. The most important thing is not giving up! If you are planning to run the Spartan Race or have any questions about it, please feel free to contact me! Good luck Spartans.