I'm in love with the Romance Crop Top from Draya Michele's capsule collection, Beige & Coco. I think this line really expresses my true style, it's very versatile because you can dress it up or down. You could even pair it with the matching Romance Skirt! Beige & Coco is a Luxury Lifestyle Brand with both casual and professional pieces. Her line is surprisingly affordable and you feel very edgy and sophisticated. It reminds me of a cool Lauren Bacall in the 1944 film, To Have and Have Not, alongside Humphrey Bogart.

As I get a little older into my late 20's I feel the need to buy investment pieces that speak to me versus something that will fall apart in the wash. I like things that are cost-effective but good quality, because I know it will last. That's part of my attempt to being a little more efficient and sustainable in my shopping habits. I've donated a lot of clothes this year so that I can keep less baggage, but also give to those in need. It feels nice to get rid of and recycle what you don't use so you can make space in your life for the things that really make you feel good about yourself. It's living with purpose.

In my own words, I'd describe the vibes as casual, clean, power player, chic. I think the brand was calling my name because I'm a little bit of beige and coco myself lol! But I do enjoy feeling confident and comfortable at the same time. I think that's important when you're putting a look together. Can't wait to see what's new for 2017. Hope you will check out @BeigeandCoco and find something to love.

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