Happy Wednesday friends! Good morning to you all. I hope that everyone has had a wonderful January and will soon enjoy the end of Winter. I know I am ready for Spring these days! Texas is a mixtape of weather lately. But despite all the highs and lows, I keep myself grounded one way or another.

Here are some of my meditation steps to starting your own yoga practice (or day) off right! I like to do this before a class, or in the studio before the instructor comes so that I can get to a calm, more relaxed state. It really improves my yoga practice by giving me a bit more focus and determination. Thanks to my Mom, she has shown me the way when it comes to balance in life. Cheers to staying grounded!


Simple Tips for Meditation Before Yoga

1. Sit calmly in a quiet area, turn off any and all distractions (tv, phone, etc.). I sometimes use music if it's zen-like or purposeful, if not, I just use the silence. I love silence!

2. Center your body, allow yourself to relax, and let your eyes soften to a gaze. I like to stare out a window or look into nature. If I'm inside, I use a candle or a point on the wall.

3. Breathe in deeply, all the way, allowing the belly to rise and fall gently. Embrace it. Exhale all of the air out. I try to envision positive vibes filtering in, and negative vibes flowing out.

4. Focus on one thought. I usually think of a mantra, like "loving kindness" or "positive life" and let my mind focus solely on that. If my thoughts drift off, I come back to the mantra. Let it flow.

5. Try this practice for 1 - 3 minutes, then try increasing your time. As you make progress in a meditation practice, your ability to focus and meditate longer will become stronger over time.

For me, meditation is something that has helped me find balance in my chakras (more on this topic later). It has reduced a lot of stress and anxiety in my life as well. It allows me to calm the mind, to not allow the negative thoughts to take over. I find this simple technique relaxing and spiritual. I wanted to share these simple steps with you to use as a tool to changing your own patterns and outcomes. Positive thought is very powerful.

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