So last year, I had the opportunity to try yoga in seven cities and enjoyed every bit of it! My goal this year is to continue doing yoga in the places that I visit. This past month, I really enjoyed going to Yoga Six in Chicago's sophisticated South Loop. I've been to a lot of studios and I'd have to say that this one was one of my favorites! I'm keen for the details and amenities that make my experience relaxing, tranquil yet luxe. As you could probably guess, Yoga Six offers six types of classes: Deep Stretch, Flow, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, and Bootcamp. 

When you first step inside, you'll see a burst of orange everywhere and I favor this hue because it energizes the entire atmosphere immediately. Wood floors, neatly placed merchandise, and a lounge area for members create a soothing, clean vibe. When I entered the locker rooms, I was really impressed by how sanitary everything was. These days, I am so much more careful in avoiding the transference of germs so as not to bring home any icky bacteria! The studio has their own branded plastic bag dispenser for wet clothing and I absolutely love it! Mouth wash, razors, and feminine products were included for anyone with a slight emergency.

During my Hot Yoga Class, I enjoyed the mixture of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa in the 105° heat. I took a 4 PM class, just before sunset and I've got to say the view was breathtaking! The sky was purple and orange and I could see the colors in between Chatarangas and Down Dogs. She began by taking us through a nice warm up sequence and then we went into a more extensive workout that got my heart pumping. Our instructor used blocks which helped support my back and I really was thankful for that! Deep stretches cooled us down at the end of the class. I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep in the end! My favorite pose was the Low Runner Lunge while holding Prayer Hands to my heart and gently twisting upward. It really helped me increase my balance and patience. I felt so connected to the studio and was very present in my practice that night. 

After class I re-hydrated and took a look around the studio. The Yoga Six studio hosts a retail boutique and several brands, including their own personalized yogawear and water bottles. Manduka merchandise has a home in the studio as well, ranging from yoga mats, mat wash, towels and blocks. They've got everything you need and various beverages for a great post-class quench. Staff was super friendly and I couldn't help but express my newfound love for their space. 

Yoga Six is conveniently located within The Shops at Roosevelt Collection and near Whole Foods. Don't forget to check out their Workshops and Membership packages if your in the area! You can also download their App to view their schedule. I was really happy to visit and can't wait to try another class when I go back. Well worth the visit!