Enjoy this chill set today, I'm a big fan of acid jazz. It's got a very nice sound, something you can listen to when you need an uplifting vibe. I've got some Jamiroquai, a little Thievery Corporation and Brand New Heavies just to name a few on the playlist. I believe jazz is the root of so many other genres, it really has a smooth sound, yet intricate in it's own way. I grew up listening to my grandfather's jazz music, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, the John Coltranes and Miles Davis' of the world. Before there was Acid Rap/Jazz and alternative hip hop, Jazz gave birth to funk, soul, hip hop, the Digable Planets, you name it. Acid jazz was mainly born like in the 1980's in the UK, basically out of the club scenes. So you start to see House, Electro, Vaporwave, and Dub. But that's for another day. 

But nowadays I appreciate this separate genre of acid jazz because it's a little more modern, and I can relate to it in my own generation. Nevertheless, I'd say this is like a good playlist for a relaxing day. Enjoy yogis!

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