Hey guys! I'm back this week for a fun, easy yoga pose called Side Lunge Pose, also known in Sanskrit as Skandasana. This is a one that I love to do when I want to get a good hamstring stretch! For this little yoga sesh, I wore the Reebok Logo Front Medium Support Sports Bra



  1. Starting in a Wide Leg Forward Bend, you'll shift your weight to the right, bend the right knee, and lower your hips to the right foot, as though you are "sitting" on your heel. The left foot should be flexed, toes pointing towards the ceiling. Right foot is balanced on the two points of your upper foot. (Wide Leg Forward Bend is when your legs are spread about 3 feet away and your upper body has hinged forward, stretching both hamstrings. More on that in another post!)

  2. You can use your finger tips to get yourself onto the right heel, but be sure to keep a flat back once you begin to raise up. This will work your balancing skills.

  3. You can put your hands on the ground as a beginner or try hands to heart center.

  4. If you want a challenge, try this variation: rotate your upper body so that your left hand is on the ground and your right arm is straight in the air, gaze up to the index finger. 



  • Improves your balance 

  • Stretches the hamstrings

  • Hip-opener

  • Strengthens the back and spine