That Orange Crush Neon Lid | Danessa Myricks Beauty


Color Inspo | Paradise by LL Cool J + Amerie

I loved Gabrielle union’s vibe in the video and wanted to create a similar look! this song brings back so many memories, I think I was in middle school when it came out! I thought LL was so cool back then and I had the biggest crush lol

Danessa Myricks Made Me Do It

Since 2018, we’re seeing the neon trend everywhere! From hot turquoise latex to blinding lime crop tops, from bright banana yellow denim, to orange neon crush lids! The one thing I love about this trend is that it’s meant to push the line, which means anyone can do it. We don’t play the same rules when it comes to nudes. This trend makes me embrace my own beauty because I get to try something out-of-the-box, a little more daring. And the perfect makeup artist to nail it Danessa Myricks!

I started following Danessa about 3 or 4 years ago and what captured me the most about her page was her ability to blend and match colors on various skin tones. I loved seeing her technique, it was mesmerizing and so soothing to observe. She has this way of making the face a piece of art, it’s like paint on a canvas. Her makeup profile is ridiculous! The lids that she creates are like tropical candies and the skin is always very glossy and glazed! The thing about Danessa is that she has this power to empower. Before, I had wanted to try a neon look but wasn’t really sure about where to start. But after studying her work, that’s exactly what she did. She made me feel like I could rock this look!

Danessa is a self-taught makeup artist. In my opinion, the most amazing feature in her makeup line is the multifunctional element that her products possess. In other words, they can be mixed and blended on the eyes, lips, or cheeks! Perfect for everyday use as well! Two popular products that I’m loving include her Colorfix 24-Hour Cream Color that come in a nude, matte, metallic, or glaze formula and the Waterproof Cushion Liner which is a liquid color that can be used to create a graphic, bold look. For this look I went with the Cushion Liner in Pretty Pumpkin because I love the hint of coral you get with this hue. It also comes with a small eyeliner brush and the cushion is located inside the pot to help you take just a little at a time. It’s currently sold out online but my local Camera Ready Cosmetics store has her entire line in stock! You’ll also find palettes, loose pigments, setting sprays, and highlighters on her site as well. Keep reading to see how I got the look!


How to Get the Neon Lid Look

1. Apply foundation, contour, and brows as you wish.

2. Apply a light amount of concealer on the lid as a base.

3. Using a flat shadow brush, gently dab the Waterproof Cushion Color onto your lids. I’m using the shade Pretty Pumpkin.

4. Let it set and dry. I used a micro amount of setting powder to help lock in the color. Don’t use too much or else it will become too flaky. You can also use a fan to help the color dry.

5. I repeat step 3 and 4 a few times until I get the desired hue.

6. Using a tine fluffy shadow brush, I blend out the edges slightly with a very light hand. For this look, you want most of the color to stay on the lids.