Post-Injury Yoga Sequence | 5 Isometric Strengtheners


Gettin’ Back My Rhythm

Hey there friends + family. It’s been a moment! I’ve been so busy with research and studying for an upcoming class I’m teaching for law enforcement. I’ve been in and out of clinics observing and learning, living in real life, having conversations with specialists and experts. It’s been so rewarding to have opportunities in which I can go deeper in my practice.

And while all is well on the social and career side, internally I’ve was struggling to regain my full mobility. I had a recent shoulder blade injury in late March that set me back from practicing. Since then, I’ve been resting and healing, and correcting my posture! It may not look like I’ve been out of the gym, but you never really know what a person is experiencing. For weeks, I sat in the sauna with no physical activity. I must say, it was pretty nice, but I missed my weights. This week was the first week I’ve done a light exercise in the gym, no more than 30 minutes. In the meantime, I’ve gone no sugar and low carb in my diet while I’m in my “off season”.

I do want to stress that it’s so important to protect your neck and back when you are lifting. Use good form and don’t move up weights too quickly. I’d say give it a good 2 - 4 consistent months before increasing. If you do have an injury, stay off of it for a month or two while you heal. Get good sleep, let your circadian rhythm reset. I slept sooo much for the first time in a long time, I had no idea how much rest my body needed.

Today I’m leading you guys through a post-injury yoga sequence with a focus on isometric exercises to strengthen core muscles specifically. Isometric exercises are done in static positions. Therefore, the muscle does not contract or move. The goal here is to lightly re-engage rested muscles, re-energize, and find balance.


Meditation Mantra

By giving, I receive.


Seated Half Moon

2 per side | Begin with a seated side stretch. The goal here is to breath deeply, giving the ribcage and lungs a full blast of oxygen and blood flow.
Benefits | engages the parasympathetic nervous system as we lengthen and let go.



10 reps, 10 seconds each | Execute the standard bridge with your feet on the mat, moving your hips upward to squeeze the gluteus.
Now try using a yoga block for more intensity and challenge. Place the block under both feet, keeping the arms and upper back on the mat.
benefits | works the core and glutes especially


Half Moon

10 seconds, 3 reps | I love half moon because you can use a block to balance or you can challenge yourself, just as we did for bridges.
Place the block vertically for better support. Lift the leg to a 90° and test your balance by looking up. Now for a good time, take the block away lol! Wrap the free hand behind the back.
benefits | increases balance and mobility in the neck, arms, and legs


Bird Dog

10 seconds, 3 reps | the bird dog is a lot hard than it looks because you really have to engage your core strength using only one knee and one palm. remember to keep the free arm and leg straight. to challenge yourself, place a yoga block under the knee.
benefits | great for spinal stability and lower back relief. it works the chest, triceps and upper arms.



5 seconds, 3 reps | I love pyramid because it’s such a good challenge. going into a pyramid, you’ll start with both hands together and hinge the upper body down in one straight line toward the front toe. The back leg should be at a 45° to protect the knee. Try to get the forehead to the knee. you can definitely bend the knee and I would recommend it 100%. taking it up a notch, I decided to place a block under my front foot to see how I’d feel. It was a little challenging so use it with caution. remember to engage the core.
benefits | stretches the hamstring and shoulders, improves posture, increases coordination and stimulates the thyroid


And there you have it! 5 strengtheners to help you as you re-gain your mojo! I hope you love this post as much as I did shooting for it! Always remember to keep striving for the absolute best version of yourself. That includes getting enough rest and taking time to meditate.