be my funny valentine

I love love love February. I especially love that I get to celebrate my birthday this month and bask in all things Amethyst + Aquarius. It makes me happy that Spring is around the corner and warmer weather is on the way. This year, I decided to do two looks, a suit and a simple dress. One thing that you might not know about me is that I die for a good suit, and I adore menswear to the max. If I could go back in time, I would live as a musician from the 1940’s and wear the hell out of a good Frank Sinatra type suit. I’d love to be part of the Rat Pack! In my personal style and outlook, I always feel very feminine + masculine so I wanted to express that in this in-home shoot we did.

I hardly wear red so this is a good year time of year to do it, but make it fashion. And the suit is for all the power playas who want to put a spin on what this day really means. We’re living in a more equal society (in America) and so we have choice in how we participate in traditions. Tuck a satin cami underneath (or nothing at all!) and call it a day. Keep the jewelry + accessories simple.

Valentine’s Day is something I love to celebrate because I believe that we can cherish what brings us closer to our loved ones. It’s about knowing what we deserve and that we are worthy regardless of our status. I hope you enjoy your love every day of the year. Don’t forget to leave a comment and shop my inspiration below!