One of my favorite things to do after I get home from a nice long 90 minute Bikram class is make juice! For some of you who have been following me on snapchat, you may see me juicing from time to time. I can tell you from personal experience that it’s really a great supplement to add to your routine. I feel that juicing helps you soak up the nutrients needed to heal and strengthen your body, especially after doing strenuous exercise. You don’t even need to chop many of the ingredients and it helps save food from going bad. I hate wasting food! 

As a rule of thumb, I usually have a formula for all juices that I make:  one bitter, one heat, two sweet! So basically what that means is I find one vegetable, a strong alkaline (such as ginger, pepper or lemon), and two fruits. Then I repeat with a different set of ingredients if I really want a full tonic. But you can do it with just the four ingredients if you want! This helps me to create a juice that’s not too harsh on the stomach or taste buds but also gives me a kick start for the day. One of my favorite Kale Juice Recipe goes like this:


  • Three handfuls of Kale                Veggie

  • Large slice of Ginger                   Low Alkaline

  • 1 Peach                                         Sweet

  • 1 Apple                                         Sweet

  • Couple handfuls of Spinach        Veggie

  • ½ Orange                                     Moderate Alkaline

  • 1 cup Strawberries                       Sweet

  • 1 cup Blueberries                         Sweet

Directions: In a juicer, try Breville® The Juice Fountain® Compact, add fruits and vegetables and spin until it becomes a liquid. For extra energy and cleanse, add some Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Powder. (I got this idea from my friend Trecy! Thanks girl!) 

Jasmine HuntComment