Meek Mill may have said it first, but I've got something better. I Got The Juice...that you need. Thanksgiving is coming up, so seasonal fruits and veggies like cranberries, squash, pumpkins, and beets are listed all throughout your holiday recipes. So why not get the benefits of these ingredients and drink your way into a good detox before (and after) your Thanksgiving feast? Try this easy recipe for a low-sugar, anti-inflammatory, heart-healthy holiday!

  • 1 Squash - High in vitamin A, potassium, iron, copper, and magnesium, controls blood pressure, good source of protein, anti-inflammatory

  • 1 Pomegranate - Contains punicalagins and punic acid (good anti-oxidants), fights cancer, lowers blood pressure, helps fight arthritis and heart disease

  • 3 Bok Choy - Good heart health, stronger bones, high in vitamins A, K, and C, good source of phytonutrients

  • 1 Sweet Potato - High in iron, potassium, and magnesium, fights cancer, good for white blood cell production, includes vitamins B6 and C, helps produce collagen in the skin!

In a blender or juicer, add these ingredients and voila! You've got a low-fat, delicious drink to keep you on track! Let me know what you think. 

Jasmine HuntComment